Hellenistic astrology vs vedic astrology

Relationship of sun with the tropics of earth is the core of Western astrology. Calculations in Western astrology are based upon the date of birth of the subject. Western astrology is basically horoscopic. In Western astrology, the sky is divided into 88 constellations, which along with path of the sun through the constellations form the core of calculation in Western astrology. There are 12 sun signs in Western astrology.

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The key to the calculation is the position of the sun when the subject was born. Cite tapas.

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Vedic astrology can be divided into six branches; Gola: This branch of astrology deals with the astronomical position of the planets. Ganita: To derive the implication of astronomical position, different step-specific mathematical tools are used. These tools construct Ganita. Many consider this as the essence of Jyotisha. In India it is commonly called as Janam Kundli.

Prashna: Astrology must be able to answer questions which are of prime importance in the lives of individuals.

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This branch of Hindu astrology contains the process of finding such answers. The calculation involved to find answers is based upon the time when the question is asked and the time and date of birth of the subject. Muhurta: This branch of Hindu astrology is all about selecting the most auspicious time to take important decisions in life. Auspicious time is calculated by analyzing the cosmic position continuously for the window period to complete any task or take an important decision. The Western counterpart of Muhurta is Horary astrology.

Nimita: The method of predicting omen or inauspicious things like war, disease, drought, flood, etc. Western astrology Western astrology is the system of forecasting future events in the life of individuals on the basis of tropical zodiac.

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Summary Vedic astrology is based upon cosmic movements and positions; Western astrology is based upon the path of sun through the constellations. This is the only thing that can be proven and is clearly shown. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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    Here are the main topics that we discuss during the episode: The large number of old astrological manuscripts in India that have yet to be cataloged, edited, or translated. The similarities between Hellenistic and Indian astrology. The indigenous system of lunar astrology in India known as the nakshatras.

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    What to call Indian astrology: Indian astrology? Vedic astrology? Does Indian astrology date back to Vedic times? The use of Greek astrological terms that have been transliterated into Sanskrit in Indian astrology. Differences between Hellenistic astrology and the doctrines in the Yavanajataka.

    The origins of horary astrology, and the question of whether it originated in India. The value of studying Indian astrology for western astrologers, especially those who are interested in traditional astrology. Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit Email. Comments Adam C.