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Marriage is the most fascinating event in the life of every young boy and girl, who have high expectations from their marriage and life partner. The quality of marriage makes or breaks the future life of an individual. The Hindu families invariably have the horoscope of their marriageable child examined by an astrologer to ascertain the marriage prospects and, on his advice, look for a suitable match with complementary horoscope to ensure that the couple leads a happy, healthy and prosperous married life. However, complete marital bliss is quite rare.

Indian astrology is a comprehensive divine science passed down to posterity by our visionary Rishis for knowing the past, present and future of every aspect of human life, including marriage. The 2nd House refers to family, the 4th House to happiness, the 5th House to love, affection and progeny; 8th House to mangalya marital happiness , the 11th House to fulfilment of desires, and 12th House Sign located in these Houses and aspect of benefic planets Jupiter, Venus, unafflicted Mercury and strong Pakshabali Moon and absence of influence of malefic planets Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu and the Sun, ensure marital happiness.

Malefic influence on 7th House, its lord and Karaka significator without any redeeming benefic aspect destroys marital happiness. The Moon represents mind Chandrama manso jatah and thought process. Mars, the planet of vigour and energy, and Venus, the planet of love and sex, The blessings of Jupiter bind man and woman into bond of marriage. After marriage, the restrictive Saturn keeps marriage partners within regulated conjugal relationship.

It controls amorous digression, teaches faithfulness, and thereby ensures lasting bond of marriage. The Sanskrit name of Mars Mangal is Angarak, meaning one that burns. When Mars is located in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th House, it forms Mangal Dosh. By such location it adversely affects marriage related Houses, either by conjunction or its 4th, 7th and 8th aspect.

Mars in 7th and 8th House gives worst results and may even cause death of the spouce. The horoscopes of Boy and Girl with Mangal Dosh requires proper matching for counter-balancing the evil effect of Mars before solemnisation of marriage. Saturn in the 7th House makes the native dull, morose and under-sexed. The marriage is delayed or scleminesed with a widow or an aged or not so good looking inidividual. Saturn if conjoined with, or aspected by malefic planets causes broken engagements.

A girl with such a combination remains spinster unmarried till advanced age. Rahu in 7th House also causes late and disturbed married life. The wife may belong to lower caste, is sickly, there is possibility of cheating in marriage. The individual may also have intercaste marriage. Ketu in 7th House indicates unhappy married life. The wife may be foulmouthed or may talk irrelevant, except in Scorpio Sign where it is exalted. The wife may remain sick or expire early. When the Sun is posited in the 7th House, the wife belongs to a higher status family, is proud and domineering, which makes married life unhappy.

In a girl's horoscope, the location of Sun in 7th House, unless aspected by benefics, indicates the possibility of the girl being rejected and discarded by the husband after marriage. A strong and well aspected Mercury of Moon in the 7th House gives a young, beautiful and intelligent wife. Mercury as the 7th lord, if weak and afflicted by malefics, makes the wife of the native argumentative, who works against the husband and destroys marital happiness.

Jupiter is the significator for husband in girl's horoscope, and Venus is the significator for wife. Their strength, placement in good House, their aspect on 7th House and its lord ensures marital happiness. When Jupiter and Venus are related to the 7th House, the wife is from the same caste. According to Sarvartha Chintamani Ch. Review handsome spouse who is capable and of decent nature. If Sun, she will be devoted but domineering. If Moon, then beautiful and peace loving. If Mercury, then intelligent, beautiful and capable. If Jupiter, then good natured and religious. If Venus, then beautiful, loves comforts and indulgent to the extent of going astray.

If Saturn, then the wife is of cruel nature and opposed to husband. If the Navamsa Lagna lord is conjoined with other malefics or receives their aspect, then the wife is quarrelsome. The role of 7th House has been enumerated above in sufficient detail. After that the role of 7th House lord is described. To begin with, strong 7th lord improves the 7th house result. When the 7th lord is strong and aspected by benefics, the inlaws are wealthy, but if it is weak and afflicted they are not so well off. The result of location of 7th lord in different house of the horoscope, subject to its strength and aspects, is as follows: In 1st House : When the 7th lord is a benefic and friendly to the Lagna lord, the wife comes from a known family, is helpful to the native and the couple lives happily.

If the lord of 7th House and Lagna are located in Lagna itself close to each other, the native marries early. But if she dies, the native marries again, and the second wife survives.

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But if afflicted and weak, the native faces financial stringency after marriage. In 3rd House : The wife is a source of strength to the native. If afflicted, the wife may have soft corner for native's younger brother. In 4th House : The wife is good natured and helpful to the native, who becomes prosperous. If afflicted the native remains unhappy. In 5th House : The native's wife is a cultured and religious person, who begets him many children.

If afflicted, the wife will be obstinate and cruel. In 6th House : The wife is sickly. The native has to spend much on his wife, and may incur debt. Benefic aspect improves the situation. In 7th House : The native marries early and leads a happy life with his spouse. If the 7th lord is malefic and afflicted there may be affairs outside marriage.

In 8th House : Marriage is delayed and married life is unhappy, unless there is benefic aspect on the 8th house. In 9th House : The wife brings luck to the native, whose fortune rises after marriage. In 11th House : Married life is happy. In 12th House : The marriage is late. There is huge expenditure on wife. The above results equally apply to the horoscopes of females. Among the trans-Saturn planets, neptune's influence on marriage related houses and their lords indicates deception, alienation and sexual pervorsion. The marriage may not conform to family norms and customs. Uranus is a planet of innovation, suddeness and revolt against the existing system.

Its influence on 7th house and its lord leads to broken romance and engagements. Marriage is usually against the religious norms. It may cause marriage by elopement. Pluto causes strains and tension in married life and may cause a second marriage. A Happily Married Lady. The lady has fair complexion, charming personality, is soft spoken, polite and well behaved.

She is enjoying a very happy and prosperous married married life. Her married life has been full of quarrels and quite unhappy. Moon, Venus and Jupiter in 7th House aspect Lagna. Lagna Lord Mercury is in 5th House. Rahu and Ketu are exalted. In view of so many benefic factors the malafic effect caused by the. Lagna lord Saturn and 7th Lord Moon are inimical to each other.

Ra Saturn afflicts Kalatrakaraka Venus, exalted in 3rd House. Rahu is in 8th House Mangalya and aspects 8th lord Sun in 4th House happiness. The 7th and 8th Houses and their lords ae badly afflicted. Her husband died within a year of marriage. In order to appreciate, one has to understand that no planet acts and influences in isolation. Results of every planet are relative to the strength and weakness of the entire birth chart. As such before proceeding further one has to appreciate some peculiarities of Rahu Ketu. This is being dealt with in Part General. Part-I - General The Earth and the Moon move on defined paths in heavens, creating different fields of forces.

These relative fields of forces and equilibrium between these forces, is disturbed when paths of the earth and the Moon intersect. Rahu and Ketu do not possess mass like other planets.

At the time of eclipse the light and other electromagnetic vibrations coming from the Moon or the Sun are cut off and normal arrangements, which obtain for the earth, are disturbed. Persons born during eclipse, due to this disturbance, have been found suffering mildly and sometimes seriously from mental abnormality and other physical ailments. Planetary influences are modified when they come in contact with Rahu and But it is said to increase intellectual properties of the planet to great heights, if permitted by horoscopic constraints.

Further by absorbing the results of the conjunct planet they give results of the conjunct planet, thereby virtually making the conjunct planet afflicted and weak from this point of view along with their capacity to afflict the Sun and the Moon; and they are taken to have comparatively stronger influence as compared to other planets.

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But while considering influence of Rahu and Ketu, one must consider their disposition for the planets ruling the signs of Rahu and Ketu are called "Karmic Controlling Planets". It is said that since Ketu is inlet point of Karma, the planet ruling the sign of Ketu is called incoming, or past life, Karmic Control. The planet ruling the sign of Rahu controls Karmic distribution in this life. Ashubha Ashubha According to the influence of other house owned by 2nd and 12th Lords. Ashubha Kendresha Sama. Review understanding. One has to keep them in mind.

One may also refer to "Chamatkar Chintamani", for detailed Bhava results in different situations. According to 13th Shloka of Laghu Parashari, strong Rahu and Ketu give results of a the Bhava occupied by them; and b the Bhavas ruled by planet s conjunct with them.

Suryanarain Rao.

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However, following factors may be kept in mind: a Rahu in Karkata, Vrishabha or Mesha will give money, education and pleasure and recognition from kings and pleasure from wife, servants and happiness to his soul — Even if Rahu and Ketu are alone in Trikonas — including Lagna, are Shubha, in 4th, 7th, and 10th, they are "Sama"- neither "Shubha" nor "Ashubha"-; and in 3rd, 6th, and 11th, while Rahu is said to be "Arishta Nashaaka".

In 8th and 12th Rahu or Ketu alone would be "Ashubha" ordinarily. If Rahu and Ketu are in above said positions and in Papa Rashi or Papa Navamsha or position-wise in 2nd, 12th, 3rd, 6th or 8th they tend to increasingly reduce happiness from the relations indicated by the Bhava occupied by them — by quarrel and strained relations, by living at great distances; or by lack of birth or untimely sad demise.

However, Rahu may cause. These qualitative results would increase when Rahu is Vargottama. The area of activities would depend upon on its Rashi. Navamsha and Nakshatra dispositors and the planet which are conjunct or aspected by Rahu. As per Deva Keralam Vol. V Verse - at page Rahu in 2nd: a Should Rahu be in the 2nd Scorpio in Vargottama Navamsha, the subject will be given to enjoy pleasures. He will incur diseases in childhood. In the middle of his life, he will enjoy a great deal of prosperity.

Old age will place him in debts and he will to some extent steal others' wealth. He will be attached to his race, be famous among his family members and will suffer from physical illnesses. He will be honoured by the king of kings, be revered by scholars and will earn fame. Vargottama position will be auspicious. He is sensitive, sympathetic, helpful and virtuous. If the evil planets are exalted, or Vargottama in D-9; the native becomes arrogant, ungrateful irresponsible, haughty, poor and is troubled by the governing authorities.

If Dasha of Rahu does not operate in the life of an individual then Dasha of Ketu would be operating in the life of the native. While delineating the results of Vargottama, Rahu and Ketu, one must not forget the comparative importance of one of these two Chhaya Grahas. Wadiyar IV This Nadi rule should apply to Rahu and Ketu also. All the illustrated celebrities mentioned in the above Table are from Notable Horoscopes of Dr. Since Rashi Lord and Navamsha Lord are one and the same it could have strong influence on Rahu within the constraints as mentioned in Part I.

Nakshatra would also have definite influence but about just one-third of the results and other two third resultsone third each may be attributed to Rashi and Navamsha Lords. Sri Gautama Buddha In his case Rahu was 86 degree 54 minutes i.

Hence Rahu as well as Ketu are Vargottama. In his 16th year, Gautama was married to Yasodhara. In His 29th year, Buddha, on the day of the birth of his son Rahul, made the great renunciation. He left His young wife and child and wandered into the forest. Nakshatra Lord being Jupiter would also have impact on this Vargottama Rahu. Saturn had separating effect in so far wife and comforts Venus , son Jupiter were concerned. Though Rahu is materialist, this Gyan Vairagya and internal churning to find truth in various ways, led to a different kind of Yoga paving path for establishment of Buddhism.

Alexander the Great In his case Rahu was degree 2 minutes i. Under the same directions, his father died by assassination. It is Pancham Navamsha. Jatakabharanam and Hora Review Ratnam extol this Navamsha position of any planet by holding out that even if one planet is in its Panchamamsa the native will become a king; and if that planet in addition be endowed with all kinds of strength, he will be emperor "Shatbhisaj III- has this advantage in addition to its quality to cure all diseases and to revitalize.

It has also the quality to remove all the obstacles in one's progress by removing them. Alexander's' chart establishes this fact. Sri Ramanujacharya In case of Ramanujacharya Rahu was 43 degree 42 minutes i. Consequently, Rahu had triple advantage position wise. Mark the position of Rahu in the 12th from the 7th Lord from the Moon and the unique disposition of Jupiter from Chandra Lagna. Rahu is Vrishabha 5th Navamsha i. It is in 12th- from Lagna Lord the Moon and Jupiter i. From Chandra Lagna it is in 12th.

Moon carries Rahu's separating influence on Jupiter. Venus, Karaka for wife is combust. Saturn 7th from Lagna and in 7th in Chandra Lagna is also spoiling Jupiter by its separating aspect. Rahu, the materialist is converted to spiritualist by association Hence, Venus is weak. Thus Bhoga was suppressed by the above factors and Vairagya developed. This is to be noted that Ketu the Mokshakaraka is in Nakshatra of Saturn.

Rashi dispositer of Venus and by the conjunction of combusting Sun and Mercury Lord of his debilitation sign Virgo. Hence Rahu as well as Ketu are Vargottama Dr. Raman observed that Victoria ascended the throne in when she was having Rahu Dasha Jupiter Bhukti. The years immediately following her accession were the least sensible and satisfactory time in her whole life", probably due to the situation of Jupiter in Dhanistha II the constellation of Mars who in his turn is afflicted.

Ketu is Vargottama in 5th in Virgo, increased the propensity to give children. Tilak was sentenced to eighteen month' rigorous imprisonment in September in Sun Dasha Moon Bhukti. Sun is in Pushya II owned by Saturn. Saturn is 7th and 8th Lord posited in 12th in Nakshatra of Rahu Aridra. The Sun and the Moon have caused Bandhana Yoga, by virtue of the former joining Lord of the 11th in Lagna and the latter joining Rahu in the 9th aspected by Saturn.

It is said and experienced that Rahu absorbs good results of planets conjuncts with it. This led to his release and name and fame also. V Raman observed "The most outstanding combinations in this horoscope are: the glorified position of Lord of Lagna in the 9th with the 9th Lord and affliction of this combination by Saturn and Rahu. Tilak suffered a lot for the country. He was a born fighter as revealed by the dominating position of Mars and he will be remembered forever for the inspiring legacy that he has left to India in the thought "Swaraj is my birthright".

He was essentially a man of religion as revealed by the position of Jupiter. Rahu's situation in the Nakshatra of Mercury who is Mokshasthanadhipati and the entire combination receiving the aspect of Saturn from Mokshasthana gave him a living faith in God. Otherwise, he would not have said at the time of his conviction that "there are higher powers that rule the destinies of things and it may be the will of Providence that the cause which I represent should prosper more by my suffering than by my remaining free".

Arishta Yogas for suffering evenly balanced with Raja Yogas and Lagna and Lagna Lord fully fortified reveal Tilak's stainless purity of life, immense sacrifice in the cause of the country, deep devotion to the people and principles, and the moral stuff and quality of the man which left him uncrowned king of India". We fondly remember this great man and salute him on the Ganesha Chaturthi Day. His Ketu was 44 degree 55 minutes i. Both are in Pancham Navamsha and Vargottamamsa. Ketu is in Pushkar Navamsha as well.

Consequently, Ketu had triple advantage position wise. He was born with balance of Rahu Dasha of 6 years, 7 month and 20 days. So nothing particularly notable could have happened. See Ketu Dasha which started on Raman in his notable horoscopes observed that " Ketu dasha Commenced on He won two presidential elections: the famous Atlantic Charter was born, and the major share was taken in winning the war. Ketu is in the 10th from Lagna and Venus, whose result Ketu should give, is Lord of the 10th and is placed in the 6th with the Sun, Lord of Lagna.

From Chandra Lagna, Ketu is in the 12th — the house of losses. Thus Ketu is well placed to give Roosevelt name, power, influence, prestige and victory over enemies. But for Ketu's strong disposition Roosevelt would not have been able to retain his hold on the imagination of the people, nor could he have successfully battled against the cash and carry legislation which prevented utmost and being given to the Western allies.

He died as soon as Saturn's sub-period commenced in Ketu Dasha. It will be seen that Ketu presides over the 3rd star, from that held by Saturn, going under the name. Raman observed that "In Rahu Dasha , he had smallpox which left him unscarred. From then on, he became an opponent of vaccination. His real financial prosperity began only from Jupiter Dasha and Venus Bhukti. Rahu Dasha extended till and Rahu enabled him to expand his intellectual outlook.

Between he wrote five novels". It may be noted that Rahu is in the constellation of Revati, owned by 2nd and 5th Lord Mercury. Thus 5th and 11th connection and influence made him to write 5 novels to earn name and fame. See the effect of Ketu. One of the most amazing experience the author have had regarding Shakun, Prashna, and Birth Chart, when he was on his visit to his son in Singapore in Janurary He got a message from his associate that one of the clients wants to have some Predictions done from him and wanted to talk regarding the same.

He passed on author's mobile number of Singapore to his associate who in turn passed it on to the client. He was in his Son's house then getting ready to leave for some excursion and shopping and then was in the car when he received a call from this client inquiring about the outcome of an Interview which he had given for a Job on the 30th Jan Author had earlier predicted for him that he would get a Job with increase in status and very good emoluments, before 31st Jan The Query was on the 1st Feb. When he was on the call from this client, just then the car stopped at the Red light point for a minute and then there were all green signals thereafter till the destination point where author had to go.

The total distance travelled by the author in the car was about 4. At the time of query the Lagna was Taurus and by the above calculation covered Navamsha 7 navamshas plus. The Lagna will 6 4 Me therefore be Taurus 3 5 Mo 7 Here was the prime role of Jupiter, Sun and Mars in the Prashna chart, more so since the car stopped at the redlight point first and then there after no stoppage and finally reaching the destination. It was considered the Redlight as Mars posing a Problem.

Hence the author concluded that there will be success after some hurdles. Degrees of Mars around 5. Jupiter is a Ke Su Sa Ma slow moving planet Review and Mars faster than Jupiter and Jupiter degrees high or than Mars and hence Jupiter closer to the Lagna degrees than Mars and Mars would move from 10th house earlier than Jupiter in Lagna. Hence more influence of Jupiter on the Lagna to ultimately give the native a Thumping Success. Jupiter is digbali in Lagna and Mars digbali in the 10th house. As per Prashna Jyotish Jupiter in Lagna gives very strong positive results, so it was conveyed this to him after 5 minutes of calculations for the navamsha etc.

It was also told that Company for which the interview has taken place is an MNC and the Indian share holder is a women and is represented by a young male in the Interview board. Hence the person is a young HR Executive and would pose hinderances for his appointment as per instructions by the female share holder. Client replied in affirmative and was amazed. The analysis is as below for the confirmation of the above Lagna Taurus and Panchang Elements 1. Tithi KP-6 -Not Malefic 3. Karana - Gara - Not malefic 4. Nakshatra - Hasta - Moon is placed in the 5th house in a friendly sign.

As per Krishna neeyam Moon and Mercury are friendly planets in Prashna. Since Lagna and Navamsha Lagna both fixed and influenced by Jupiter, positive results after hinderances. Sun Rise time hrs. Hora Lord Mercury, acquisition of The Query time is in the 3rd Yama Each Yama of 3 hours. Day Lord and Lagnesh Venus is aspected by Jupiter as 11th lord placed in Lagna is a strong connection to give strong fructification..

All the 3 Lagnas become strong to give the results. Jupiter's ingress in this sign will give him further growth. In Navamsha the Lagna is Leo a fixed sign is very good since both Rashi chart and Navamsha are fixed signs and again aspected by Jupiter. Hence the change will be positive but will fructify after sometime and with hurdles since Mars has gone in its sign Scorpio and again aspecting the 10th house of Navamsha.

It was also told that the Indian equity female partner will sell her share and quit, since as per timing of the fructification Mars was totally combust and in the 12th house of the Prashna chart. Amazingly she sold her Equity and quit the MNC. On the day of Interview, Jupiter was retrograde and on the query day it was Direct and Stationary and very strong to give positive results.

Jupiter in Lagna stay will be longer than Mars in the 10th house to influence the Lagna, Jupiter is in the 4th navamsha and in fixed sign so it may take months and to reach the On the April Jupiter was 20 degrees plus. Hence the day calculated was 15thth April for getting the job. Since Mars was the main culprit in the chart It was told that whenever Mars gets Combust totally in the transit and Sun becomes strong then you would get the result, since Sun is also very important in the chart to give strong and good results.

It has calculated the date as 16th April when Sun, the Navamsha Lagna Lord was exalted in transit and totally combusting Mars. The native got a call at hrs on the 16 April Singapore of same Degrees 4. The Lagna Lord Sun is exalted and placed in the 9th house with 10th lord Venus and Mars getting combust here totally. In the Prashna chart also Sun had a role to play placed in the 9th house and making the Lagna urdhwamukh and the Day Lord and Lagnesh placed in the sign of Sun in the Yama chart. The time of Call has calculates by the degrees of the Navamsha Lagna as 4.

Astrology 7 5 3 Sa R is amazing.

Love Marriage Astrology by Pandit Karan Sharma

Sun also represents the Director of the Foreign Equity Share of the company who was in the Interview Board and was strongly in his favour. Now see the Birth chart of the native 7th May hrs U. Mars is the 2nd and 7th lord placed with Saturn poorna yog karak. In D10 also good placement. Venus is also in Pushkar navamsha and Mars is also in Pushkar Navamsha. Mars is with Poorna Yog karak and is also yogi Graha hence Saturn the karka for profession becomes super Yog Karka, Mars is also from the yogi group, hence the native is bound to get a very high status job, also in transit till 31st May Jupiter is in the 7th house from Moon and Saturn is retrograde in Libra Navamsha hence will be as if in the 11th house 3 RaMaSu Ve 1 12 and a relief from 2 4 sadhesati also.

Now see the Muhurat chart at the time of joining: Lagna is again Leo, Sun in the 11th house with the same Jupiter who was strong at the time of Prashna chart along with Mars who has just shifted in the 11th house from the 10th house and with retrograde Mercury, the 11th lord. The number of planets in the 11th house show strong results coming. Lagna is fixed and shirshodaya and Moon is exalted in the 10th house and also in Pushkar navamsha and has exchange with Venus the 10th lord.

Lagna Lord Sun and Mercury the 2nd and 11th lord.

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  • Here also Mars has been instrumental and a planet which exerts influence, positive or negative depending upon its placement and ownership. If you compare all the above charts the predominance of the benefic and strong planets at the time of Prashna, date of selection and Muhurat at the time to join are very strong specially of Jupiter, Sun, Moon and Venus to give strong positive results.

    The native has been ultimately been selected by the company after 3 months or so. Native has planets in Pushkar Navamsha specially Venus and Sun in the natal chart. This birth chart is analyzed through the focus of sub lord and stellar theory with the reflection of planetary radiations. This person suffers from Spermal Deficiency Azoospermia. His semen on clinical analysis is not found to contain the sufficient sperms needed for the diploid product of the union of haploid gamets in conception a fertilized egg.

    Gemini JUP. Cancer VEN. Cancer SAT. Leo NEP. R Libra FOR. Saturn Sat. Sun Sat. Rahu Mer. Sun Mars Mer. Again, Saturn Violet Radiation by 10th aspects the house of 2nd and 5th. So, it is needed for judgement how it will be positive or not, it is a question mark to the wise astrologers. Astrologer must try to create remedial measure to get rid of the It is needed to continue research how it will be possible through Astrological remedial Measure to satisfy the dissatisfied people.

    Again, we have to study the sublord of 11th cusp which provides success in every work. Without it, it is not possible to predict the successful results. The sublord of 11th cusp again venus, the sign falls again barren, how can we be able to get positive results? Therefore again the radiation theory of planetary radiation is described.

    The 11th house creates indigo radiation as a sublord but You all astrologers are requested to make research how the human problems will be eradicated astrologically through medical astrology , the great associated formula is needed to combine our knowledge to introduce all the astrological sources to highlight the knowledge of astrology in all directions. There are various methods for conforming the birth nakshatra or Lagna rashi in Parashari System falling under the following categories as mentioned in "Jyotish Ratnakar" : a By comparing the Lagna degrees with Pranpada degrees.

    Any of the above four ways can be applicable.

    How to be Fortune

    Moreover there are various permutation and combination specially under b above. The detailed but complicated exercise is mentioned under "Nashta Jatakam" or lost horoscopy but its practical utility is doubtful and only an expert astrologer will dare to attempt this excercise.

    There is another dimension to correct recording of birthtime. Which of these timings would qualify for exact birth time : - When the body of the baby is sighted crowning - When the body of the baby completely comes out of the womb - When the umbilical cord is cut and the infant becomes independent of mother - When the infant cries and takes first breath on its own - When the child is conceived called AIFAS Research Journal of Astrology l Apr.

    Adhan or Nishek Scholars differ in their opinion which one of the above should be adopted as a standard because our old classics also did not point out any specific recommendation. I need not mention here that the birth time is akin to the foundation of birth chart and if foundation is erratic, the results or predictions indicated cannot be reliable. It is here that the method devised under Krishnamurthi Paddhati for Lagna correction comes to our aid.

    It gives us a specific answer to arrive at the correct time of the birth by calculating the exact degree of the lagna's longitude. This is based upon the query chart Prashna Kundali analysed from K. We need to be conversant with the Number table and concept of Ruling Planets as enunciated in K. Table of Numbers As we are aware, there are 27 constellations or nakshatras in the zodiac of , thus each nakshatra comprises of '. For example, if we have to calculate share of Rahu, which has mahadasha period of 18 years.

    Every planet is lord of 3 nakshatras. Ashwini nakshatra is divided into 9 parts and lord of each division is one of the 9 planets, here starting from Ketu, followed by Ve, Su, Mo They are called sub lords or upnakshatra swami. Each division is given a number starting from Ashwini i. For the answer, please refer to the table. Similary sub lord Moon also stands split at number , and in the respective signs of Gemini-Cancer, Libra-Scorpio and Aquarius-Pisces, resulting in addition of another 3 numbers.

    That is why the table comprises of instead of numbers. Hello my friend If you really want to meet good astrologer in Singapore Then meet Guruji He is a God gifted astrologer, and thantra sadhak, his prediction will be very accurate, this is my personal experience with him, all most from ten years we are following Swamiji predictions,.

    He is not the only astrologer. Remember Me. Login Register Ask a question Articles. Do you know best astrologer in Singapore? Best Astrologer in Singapore I have searched some other sites like just dial Urban clap. Do you know best Astrologer in Singapore I am wasting a lot of money when I am still in a bad state in my business. Best Astrologer in Singapore I asked the same question in other forums too but they are suggesting who I already met. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Likes 0 Dislikes 0. Username Password Remember Me.

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