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Here is your horoscope for December 19, - Horoscopes News

EST in practical Virgo. Our words gain confidence on Tuesday when communicative Mercury moves into bold Aries. The moon leaves Virgo on Wednesday at a.

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EST, entering a second well-timed void-of-course period ending at a. EST in Libra.

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We approach our full moon on Friday at a. If you made a goal during the new moon of the 5th, reflect on how you grew your idea and gave it life. The moon wanes in strategic Scorpio at a.

EST, helping us to plan out our next steps. Sweet Venus joins Mercury in Aries on Saturday, giving us an edge in our approach to love and aesthetics.

Your daily horoscope: December 19

Use this newfound confidence to try out a new trend , and put yourself out there. The sun enters Taurus on Saturday changing our focus from creating new beginnings to living in the here and now. Runners, get ready to groan. Skip navigation!

Here is your horoscope for December 19, 2018

Story from Horoscopes. Our collective attentions are fixed comfortably in Taurus this week, giving us a sense of practicality. The moon wanes in independent Aquarius until Sunday night at p. EST, before moving into deep-feeling Pisces. Saturn, our cosmic taskmaster, will release his influence when he goes retrograde on Tuesday.

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The Pisces moon will help us to confront our emotions around conclusion as she wanes until Tuesday evening at p. Tuck in for a restorative night of rest as the moon goes void-of-course until the next morning at a.

From there, she moves into excitable Aries charging us up with ideas and a need for action. Messenger Mercury sextiles action planet Mars on the same day, connecting our shared obligation to progress. Mercury squares a retrograde Saturn on the same day, bringing a little confusion towards how to build up your ideas. Sleep on any complications and have the patience for Thursday when Mercury trines lucky Jupiter.