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What will be the effect if the planetary position of moon and ketu and rahu in 11th house, jupiter in fourth house, mercury and sun in second house, saturn in eight house and mangal in sixth house? My name is Mrs Kavitha My date of birth is 19th July and time of birth Name-Mohan s sehmi D.

I have kalasarpa yoga. I suffered a lot in my life. Now no more interest in life. I want turn spiritual and live away from my family. Hi, you told to wear the serpant shaped ring to middle ring, can u please suggest me, on which day should be weared, on which time and i should where it in silver or gold and i heard the Gomedh should be about two and half carets, is it true and wt abt vaiduria. I want to know wheather my kundali get maches with the boy whose dob birth time 2.

Ketu and Saturn in the 12th. There is no KSY mentioned in any classical astrological book and it the biggest cheating trick of astrologers who, through false karmakanda, are frightening people. Dear Panditji My date of birth is Place 0. East Africa. All my life I have always had to struggle and work hard and managed the duties so far. I want you to help me. At present am unemployed and the finiancial situations are tight. Can you please look at my chart and tell me what,s happending and please please please directy me what to do. I have Anant KSY. When did i get marry?

Shall my life partner should be KSY. When will i settle in life. Hi All, Me and my husband both have Kala Sarpa Yoga and reading from your website I can find that it is particularly, 5. Padma Kalsarpa Yoga — i. Rahu in fifth house, Ketu in eleventh. Sir, I have shown my kundli to many persons…. Hi all, I want to say something more…. Some experts say that this yoga is not present in old granths…. But if we see the other side of this yoga…. Bush, Margret Threature….. Even in our country kundli it is present….. Can anybody tell me is this yoga present in my kundali or not….

All rest graha are in between 2 to 6th house means left side but the Shani is outside…. I m so much confused…Plz help me if anybody knows better…. I want to about his career when will he get a good financially sound job or will we migrate abroad and settle down. There is no doubt on that. I m trying hard to get mare n more sucess in business but lastly i fail every where.

Also i want to do love marriage. Kindly suggest. Sir, I have ksp in my birth chart and done my pooja also but still facing lots of problems in getting married please tell me about my future. Many world famous persons have this yoga like, Pt. Shani is in 9th house…. I have shown my kundali to many persons…somebody say there is KSY….. Also I would like to know when I will get married, and how will be my married life. Tank you….

I would like to know about my career,businee and marriage prospects. Why is it, asked a student of astrology, that even after knowing that there is no mention of Kaal Sarpa Yoga …. Dear Sir, I have suffer from kaalsharp yog. Tell me the measurement in RATI. Respected kshitij sharmaji, your are doing a yeoman service to the mankind thorough this site. Actually it is helping people to be aware against fraud astrologers.

I have severe problem in my both ears. I have not settled down in life jobwise and unmarried. Kindly suggest the right gemstones which i should wear for the rest of my life permenantly. God Bless You. Dear sir, D. Yogi ji My sons Horroscope suggests Rahu in 6th house and ketu in 12th house. Shukra and Mangal are in 6th house with Rahu rest al planets are in between. Some astrologers say Kasarpa dosh is there while some say No to it.

Kindly let me know our final comments. Thanking You. I am in a very big problem my Date of birth is 4th july Time of birth is pm Place of Birth is Patiala , Punjab. My Rahu Mahadasha is going on. By the grace of the All mighty , me and my wife are bith earning and feeding our life well. My child is not able to stay with e because my wife does not keep well and she is a patient of SLE. My had to do a Kalash vivah and then gandharva vivah with me to ward of the Dosha in our Life. Now at this time I have changed 3 jobs i the last 3 years and I am not satisfied.

Nobody is able to tell me exactly what I should do to get my confidence and well being again. My head keeps spinning all the time and I am not able to think much. Dear Sir, A girl can speak through my mouth,see through my eyes,hear through my ears and shake my hands and legs. I have Padma Kal Sarp Yog. Is my problem related to kal sarp yog. Can you tell me how to break this magic between me and that girl. Regards, Sushant. Dear Sir, I was born on 11 dec at Darjeeling west Bengal and is have Kalsarp yoag in my kundly. I have been failure in all respect in my life. Whatever I do I just miss out it with an inch.

In studies in have the ability but cant successes. Please help me what should I do. Dear sir, AS you suggested to wear serpant ring, i request you to kindly tell me the metalfor this serpant ring. Can you tell me that i dont remember my date of birth and currently one boys proposed me for marriage and now we both wants to marry and i also like him but his family are not agree and one more thing that i wants to marry with that guy but still i dont trust him fully. I want to confirm whether my kundli is having Kal sarpa yog?

Some astrologers say it has, some dont. Place of Birth Anantnag Kashmir. Time of Birth is AM. I want to confirm whether my kundli is having Kal sarpa Yog? I want to know does it effect my kids. I ham interested to marry a girl,But there is KSY n girls kundali. My parents are denying my marriage with her since she has KSY in her kundali and they say this will affect the life of the boy whom she will marry may lead to death also.

But i have checked with several jotishyas and they say it is negligible, Please advice me. In my lagna chart my planets are positioned like this. According to your website it was understood that i have mahapadma kala sarpa dosha. Place of Birth Delhi. Time of Birth is PM. Sir, My DOB is Am i suffering from Kaal Sarp yog? My Birth place is chapra bihar and birth time is PM night. Panditji, My date of birth is I wish to know do I have Kalsarp yog in my kundly.

Respected Sir,I am a doctor by proffession. I really have faced difficulties in my life and Succes has eluded me every time. Please guide me what I should do and what kind of future should I expect for me and my family? Kindly guide me. My Rahu is placed in 3rd house along with Moon and Mars and Ketu is in 9 th house except Saturn is outside. What can be the effect of this. Kindly advise. Namaskar, In my kundali ketu is in second house along with 3 other planests — surya, guru, shukra and Rahu is in eighth house along with chandra and rest budh is in third house and Mangal,Sani in fifth house As per kal sarpa dosha defination you said the planets need to be between rahu and ketu, But as per my kundali 3 planets share the house with ketu and one with rahu, does that mean i do have kal sarpa dosha.

Do i have kalasharapha yogha? HOw will be my marriage life. Now i am 26 yrs When can i get marriage?. My date of birth , Thanjavur- Tamilnadu- India. My email id kannan gmail. This is Jyothi. My birth date is 1st dec ,born at 4. I am suffering from lots of problem from past many years. I will be punished even if i am not wrong. I am not succeeding in anything,inspite of all efforts. So could you please let me know if i have Kala Sarpa yoga. And could you also please suggest me remedies for it. My son is born will Kal Sarpa Yog and his birth date is 13th July at night time 9.

I have kalsarp yoga and want to get the remedial pooja done.

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Is it ok if I get it done at panganga shiv temple, walkeshwar, mumbai or should it be done at traymbakeshwar only. Kindly guide me regarding dosha pariyara and pujas to bn done, im very much depressed kindly help me. Could you give me any suggestion what should I do. My mother, and I have KSY.

Mom has faced a lot of problems and difficulties. So have I, but in comparison to her, mine seem pretty miniscule. That is what was recommended and I just wanted to confirm. The other alternative is Kukke Subrahmanya as I live in Bangalore, I would prefer to go to either of these temples for the remedial poojas rather than travelling all the way to Nasik. DOB :- 15th Nov. Do I have Kal Sarp Yog? If yes what is its remedy. I have a kal sarpa yog. In My Chart lord of the 7th is occupying the 6th house and is conjoined with Sun and Moon is occupying the 8th.

Lord of the 8th is debilitated and is conjoined with Ketu. I hear this affects married life badly along with delaying the progress in everything. What is the remedies for avoiding marital uneasiness due to the kal sarpa yog? How often do we have to do puja for this? I was quite at my studies upto 17 yrs. I stood 2nd rank for the state in public exams. I am 23 yrs now and still taking treatment.

But it is of no use. I have lost all the hopes. Plz note: I have only psychological disorder like hopelessness, depression, confusion, illusion,…. I am physically alright. So, I think this KSY badly effects our mind. I live in London , last few years have not been fruitful in fact been bad. Can you please see my chart and advise. Dear Sir, The ketu falls in 3rd house and rahu is in 9th house in my horoscope. Ketu is associated with budh and venus. Moon is in 4th house and guru is in 10th house. Nobody, no astrologer identified that I have kalserp yog. But recently, one astrologer asked me to puje for KSY.

Im really confused. I am facing lots of troubles in my married life and in carreer. Nothing is going good with me. Plz help me. Can you please see my chart and advise is there any ksy. And, below are the details you gave. Your 2nd lord moon is placed in ownhouse, which is extremely lucky in terms of money.

You donot have kala sarpa yoga, due to degrees of planets. Your mangal dosha is cancelled due to few different reasons one being the placement of moon in second , and you should have a really happy marriage as your 7th lord jupiter is well placed in 5th, which is house of purva punya. Stop worrying about stupid, and ignorant astrologers…. By the way, I am getting married to someone who has kal sarpa yoga, and that is why I was reading more about it.

To tell you the truth, she is one of the most jovial, and happy persons, I have met in my life. I have real doubts about the one line analysis they provide on these websites for kal sarpa. Life is more in the hands of your karma. If you have doubts on what I am saying start reading on astrology.

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You have a very strong mercury. Best of luck! What is their harmful effect. I have kaslsarpdosh in my kundali. I am waiting for ur reply. Plz help me, kidly advise me what should I do to resolved the mahapadma KSY. As per one panditji i am alredy wearing gayagomedh in my righthand middle finger and white A. I m waiting for your suggestion What is the remedies for avoiding,the kal sarpa yog? Plz respond urgently on my mail id rosetokusum rediffmail. This is very good arrangement made for Comman People like us. Thanks for guidence. I have not settled down in life yet,there is always a struggle for everything.

Some are telling.. Pranam, I have this yoga in my kundli and want to do pooja at nashik. I am living in pune. I dont know anything about pooja and dont konw any pandit overthere. Where should i go for pooja and whom should i contact?? Should my life partner should be KSY. Dear Sir As per my kundli,Astrologer say that i m effected by kal sharp yoga. I m having frequent quarrels with my wife and my mother-in-law. Please give me a remedy. My mother-in-law says some unnecessary things on me and she is taking to that in heart.

She is not good with any of the family members. I am suffering from chronic Cervical disc problem. It give me pain all time. After one. This problem still continuously hurt me but I am some how managing it. Will I will be able to recover. My second question is regarding my marriage.

Even if I recover from cervical problem ….. I am having Kalsarp Yoga. I do not. Then I am planning to join NGO or any public front. Please suggest me? I will be highly obliged to get some help from you. But I think …. Kalsarpa Yoga will make that also delayed…. We decide to marry, but our parents are saying that i have mangalya dosham in my horoscope ie raghu in 8th from lagnam. So please refer and tell me iam having dosham or not. Shall we marriage or not. Is there any remedies for mangalya dosham please tell me. Iam ready to do whatever it is.. My lagnam is kanni. My rasi is maharam.

My star is uthradam. Hi Sir, First of all i should really thank you for providing such a good site, where we are able to find the complete dasha and anthar dasha instantly. About kalasarpa yoga, The knowledge i have i would like to share. Rahu and Ketu in different houses definitely show different results.

But but all the positions ddoesnot mean its effected with kalasarpa yoga. I read this in many books and narayaneeyam is one of that. Srikalahasthi is the place of origin and they do remedies for this dosha , so person affected with this dosha needs to go there and do pooja over there , this is in south india. I with another 5 persons did the pooja in Mahakalesh Mandir Ujjain.

I am suffering from lots of problems from my childhood. I am God fearing man and nothing do wrong to any person even to animals. I did not get sucess in my life, job or anything relates to me i. I have diploma in Engineerin but unfortunately doing a clerical job. Please suggest me any remidy if you have or even give your address in Delhi where I can show my Janampatri. I am egerly waited for reply,. I have been told by various astrologers that I and all my siblings have KSY.

We all are suffering from late gains, slow career movements, rise and fall in career. We all are talented enough to be atleast levels above what we actually are. To my siblings as well other astrologers have confirmed KSY. But not all astrologers tell that we all suffer from KSY. I would like to know how and till when will KSY affect the fortunes in negative way. We have all done individual poojas at Trimbakeshwar, nasik. The astrolgers have told to do a combined Pooja at Trimbak. Is it necessary to do combined pooja? What other remedies are there to reduce the KSY negative effects?

I have Gajkesari yoga as well in my horoscope, so will this be negatively or positively impacted by KSY. Its really good to hear from you. I born in Can u send mail to from which yoga i have been effecting. I want to know if I could perform the pooja naga dosha nivaharan on behalf of my wife, who does not want to travel to Kukke subrahamnya. I have extreme problem in career.

Please let me know will the bad effects ever diminish? Sir, Greetings!! Could u please suggest me about my future specially marriage will it be arranged or with my choice ,related to work and my relationships with my parents in future. Kindly advice as going thru some tough time in terms of relationships.

Thanks a lot in advance. Respected Guruji, I was born on 5th August near Varanasi at hrs. My career has been progressing quiet well since last 5 years and suddenly there is a break. Similar situation had arisen in — and I was jobless for two years and I got the job in and was a steady rise till end of … a sort of meteoritic rise. As per my kundali there is Kalsarpa Yoga and we had performed Kalsarpa Yoga shanty at our home… I wanted to ask what will be my career prospects in future, how long would this continue. Best Regards Satish Singh. This is my second marriage i lost my first husband in earthquake, Bhuj.

Pls tell whether this my second marriage will be successful? SIr, Iam going thru vigorous mental sufferrings. Kindly help me in predicting when my son will get married. We are having a proposal for a girl, who has Patak Kaal Sarp yoga. Is it fine if we go with this match? Her date of birth is Dec. Sir, First of all accept my regards for building such a nice and informative website on astrology. It is the best one i have found till now. Hats off to ur knowledge…. I also have a KSY ie. Is it true that i really has a KSY??? This is causing my social life a great setback.

Plz help me sir and tell me the methods how i can overcome these problems caused due to malefic yogas????????

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Plz suggest some measures and steps. Sir, in my kundali rahgu is placed at 6th and ketu at 12 position from lsgna keeping lagna as no.

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I am married for past 10 years but not even once i could conceive. Both of us are medically fit. Kindly help. Please advise what type of problems I may face in my life and what type of precaution I need to take to reduce the bad effect of this Kalsarpa Yoga. Basically if someone has rahu in 3rd house its basically good and a vashuki kaal swarpa comes up with lots of wealth and networking and unexpected luck factor specially if the axis of rahu is in gemini..

Actually Kal Swarpa dosh has never been descirbed in Vedic Astrology. But ppl still talks a lot about it. Swarpa Dosh takes places when in ones birth chart all the malific planets are postioned in the Kendra. Pandit ji, I have Shankhnaad Kalsarpa Yoga rhau is in 4th rashi. Iam rathnakarrao iam mailing from warangal andhra. Iam watching your website. Sir iwant to know kalasarpadosa in my chart sir in mychart rahu in 10 hs,kethu in 4hs. Iam rathnakarrao iam mailing from andhra. Lagan:Danus Moon in danus rahu in kanya kethu in meenam mercury in meenam sun in mesham shukra in wrishabam guru in mithunam kuja in karkatakam shani in simham pls tellme is it kalasarpadosam.

Respected Guruji, Iam mailing from Karnataka. My date of birth is Time of birth is am.

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I am getting delayed in my marriage sir. So my parents are worried. And many of the asrtologers told me that i have Kaalsarpa Dosha in my birth chart. We have already done a lots of poojas for that. But we are not getting any positive results. And Iam facing a lots of problems sir.

Please advice me regarding this. Wat kind of Doshaa iam having and wat r the remedies for that. Iam sending my planet positions sir. They r as follows. Kindly help me sir. Regards, Nanda. Deepak Joshi Ahmedabad. Respected Guruji, I am very puzzled more since Previously it was but not as now. Where I put my hand running proceeding are still stopped. What would I do.

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Pandit,jyotishi told alot of pooja ,did it shani,rahu dosh etc but no responce. I will be grateful to u. Hi, sir actually i am very confuse regarding mahurats of kalsarpa yog some people said mahurat exist on 23 and some said not. Today I visited an astrologer to show horoscope of my husband as we have not been make house so far. I am confused. Noone had told this earlier. Kindly see his horoscope and advise accordingly.

He said she also has Kalsarp yog and suggested puja at Somnath. Her DOB is 31 May ,time Dear Sir, Rahu is in my 6th house and keta is in my 12th house. Hemant singh hemchicku yahoo. My birth day is I am going to married the person who was born. Thank You Ritha mashasewwandi13 yahoo. Please advice how much it cost to do kal serp pooja at nasik. In my janmlagna kundli rahu is in 9th house and ketu is in 3rd house. Shani is in 7th house , sukra and guru in 4th house and mangal , ravi, chandra and budha in 5th house.

I am not getting why i am not getting any job till now. My dob is 15 Aug, , time am, place — Katni. My marriage is not happening. For some or other reason any alliance coming my way , does not work at the last moment. Otherwise life is fine for me. Someone has asked me to get ketu pooja done so that marriage can take place. Please let me know the authenticity of this advice or any other remedy after looking at my birth chart. Thank you and best regards. I am not getting promotions or good offers. Whatever I am doing, not getting good results. Life has become tough. Please tell me will this really help me or do I need to do anything more like wearing gomed.

Pls help. I am having kal serp dosh so my guruji told for rudraabhshek at my native place indore M. Please suggest right place. I dont have my horoscope. But my DOB is Nov Please help me, I am having problems in conceiving. If yes, when it will be over?

Maha dasa of Mercury will start from I am going through very hard phase , some how i am struggling every day with optimism. Please tell me whether maha dasa of mercury will bring change in my life or not. I have been told that I have ksy. Pl do tell me which type of ksy i have? Lagna in libra. Jupiter,mars,moon in gemini. Sun,mercury,saturn in leo. She is my sister , i want to know if she is having kaal sarp dosh or not.

Hello sir My name is srila das and i am persuing MCA. My dob is 06 May, , time Kala Sarpa Dosha or Yoga need not be unnecessarily worried about. The effects differ on the basis of placement of Rahu and Kethu in a natal chart. One of the many remedies which in my experience is that one should wear Navarathna stones ring in a ring finger. These stones render additional strength to the planets which are hemmed in between Rahu and Kethu, while not diminishing the strength of Rahu and Kethu.

In janma kundali, ragu joined with kuja from lagna and ketu joined with moon. You can email me my prediction on aknair hotmail. Dear Sir, I received a proposal for my younger brother. While studying her patrika. I thought she had Kalasarpa yoga as all her planets are between Rahu and Ketu. Takshak Kalsarpa Yoga — Rahu in seventh house, Ketu in first: There is a need for the person to be extra careful in matter relating to married life and business partnerships.

I understand my present Maha Dasha is rahu- pls let me know during this period any Precautionary measures is to be taken. You can email me my prediction on. Birth time does not know. Please can youlet me know, kalsurp yog have in my kundli. I have no good friends, cant communicate well, fell shy and fear to speak with others even with close family members.. Few padits say i have n few say i dont. Pls clarify. I have always change my job after 1 or 2 year this is due to Kalsharp yoga or any other in last month i have married and from last month i am suffuring from finacial problem and also try to change my job is it right time for that or not i m unable to understand what can i do.

Guruji you help me from all these. My sons DOB is amd time is morning. DOB of my daughter Tiya is Thanking you, Dipankar. Pleased read my kundali and give indetails I am suffering very hard time till now all the possibility pass away from my near what need I do next to get my success? After reading your published information on the Kalsarpa Dosha here, I wish to have few questions based on my horscope.

Pandit ji, somebody had told me that there is a Kalsarp Yog in my Kundli. To reduce the effect of Kalsarp Yog, i have performed a jup of 10lacs i forgot the excat figure by a pandit ji. And i hav also devoted a couple of snales made of silver in the temple of trivendrum in nasik. But still i am facing a lots of problem in my life, specially in my Job. I have a good technical background but still i have a non-technical job.

Plz suggest the solution…. Some says I have kaal sarpa yog. But I face many up and downs in my life and I have to do a great hard work to achieve my goal. Still I am getting the things but after doing great hard work and slowly. Hey, I have kal sarpa yoga, It is a indication that you guys have to work hard to achieve something. So work hard and do not look for excuses. Pls let me know abt my job and better financial time. I am suffering in life from Kalsarpa yoga.. Can someone please tell me my birth chart and horoscope?

I dont have kalsarpa dosha in my kundli but in my kundli Rahu is in my 5th house in Tula rashi aspected by Jupiter in 11th House. I am from Bangalore and would like to know in my horoscope if I need to perform Rahu-Ketu shanthi or any pooja as I am currently unemployed and also a bachelor.

Eagerly awaiting for the reply. Birth details are as follows DOB — First of all- most of you should relax about Kalsarpa yoga. Secondly, I also read somewhere that the planets should be hemmed between Rahu and Ketu and not Ketu and Rahu. Thirdly, this yoga can only one have six combinations as Rahu should be placed in either of the first six houses from the ascendent.

Also if any planet is posited in the same house as Rahu or Ketu then this yoga is canceled. Dear patorns, I prasctise astrology under brahmin guru and has 20 years experience 9in tantra vidya. Kal sarpa Yoga becomes nullified once a person get marry specialy when they have child. So all bhavisya purana etc theories comes to end here. I am a doctor by profession. Good day. My date of birth is 29th October at I am very worried and do not know how to make this how things fine between us.

I need help. Please advise whats in store for us in future. My wife has kalsarpa yoga in her kundali…rahu is in 2nd house and ketu in 8th not alone.. I have Rahu in 3rd house and ketu in 9th,My kundali does not have a snake like pattern. Also my planets are evenly distributed on both sides of the Rahu-Ketu axis.

But still someone has told me recently that I have Kal Sarp Yog. Plz guide if I have KSY or not. IF yes, how do I have it. Hello sir, Thank you for giving your valuble suggestions about Kala sarpa yoga. My birth date is , timepm. I have heard that this is a very dangerous dosha.

I am struggling very badly in my life since. My professional as well as personal life is miserable. Not able to get success in any of my work inspite of putting all efforts. When i will get a good life and when i get a job when i get married plz tell me I am very much depressed and lacking self-confidence day by day.

Do people having this dosha will have lot of problems in marriage? Who will come forward for marring a person with such a dosha inspite of knowing everyting about it? If remedies are carried out with full sincerity, will all the problems due to this dosha be solved? Plz answers my questions. I am very much worried. Dear sir My date of birth is 14sep place is mysore time is Namaskaram dear sir I read abt kalasarpa yoga.

My date of birth is 5th october And will I work after my marriage?? Will I be sucessful in life?? What kind of life partner will i get?? And will my in laws be?? PLease reply as soon as possible…Urgent. Thanks in advance Looking for your Usual Support. Hellow, sir I am mithun debnath from assam. Pls suggest me some gemstones. Saturn ,sun, mercury in 9th house…and Jupiter,mars in 12th house …and moon is in 2nd house…and venus in 8th house…i want to know about my birth chart…which yoga and dasha is presense????????

My date of birth 7. Dear Sir My son Is facing problems in every aspect, no stability in work,loss of money,health,status,He is losing hair. Marriage proposals does not go ahead. His date of birth is 16 Aug Time 20 hrs. I have been advised for a puja at Nashik Trimbkeshwar for Kalsarp yoga regular debt issue inspite of good income. Do I have Kal Sarp yoga?

I would like to know if my sister has kalsarp yog…. What is the remedy. Still it wibb considered as NO Kalsharp yoga because Rahu is at 22 degrees and Shani is at 13 degrees. Under this condition we can say that all the Planets including shani are under Bhogya condition for Rahu i. Rahu will pass through them one by one. It holds for Shani also because Rahu will travel from its 22 degrees to 0.

That means degreewise it will meet shani at 13 degree. Possible remedies are: 1. Drop some milk in bathing water bucket and then take the bath. Get a chandrama yantra prepared from a learned Pandit and have it in you right arm. Hi Sir, I have been told by my astrologer that I got kaalsarp yog and should follow remedy immediately. I am bit worried. Kindly analyse my kundli from profession and career point of view.

What are the chances of a govt job. My details are:. There is no kaalsharp. Get adetail study with any good astrologer for your kundli and specifically for KS yoga you need to perform rituals in Trimbkeshwar temple near Nasik. Strong indications are that u will be related to law and judiciary body i.

Secondly if u have not noticed there is a KaalSharp yoga also in your kundli, so untill and unless u do the rituals at Trimbkeshwar temple near Nasik, it will keep on hurting you. Unfortunately this KS yoga is also related to your very would be work area i. Please see below the details of this KS yoga:. Anant Kalsarpa Yoga — Rahu in Lagna, Ketu in seventh house: The person is prone to be target of conspiracies hatched by people supposedly close to him.

The person is likely to lose out in matters of courts. Married life would be marred by differences between husband and wife. Yogi It took a lot of efforts to draw these conclusion hence I would like to see the close this call with an appreciation from ur side, incase it solves ur purpose. Hi Sir, Can you please tell me whether i will b studying further or doing my own business. What are my chances of settling abroad?

First of all, I am really grateful to you for this detailed analysis and for taking out your precious time for me. I have appeared in few Judicial Service Exams and also appearing this year too for my home state. But I have made serious attempts in Civil Service Exams and going to appear this year as well. Till date with no success and in all these exams I remained short of only few marks. I am much interested into Civil Services and national politics. Yogi Ji, till date I have not made any puja for Kalsarpa Dosha, rather I believe that praying God alone would remove all the obstacles of my life.

I daily pray twice and Lord Shiva is my ishta deva. Civil Services and national politics : anything but related to law and by virtue of ur deeds u will earn name and fame. Yes u can be a law minister also. Answer is : For viral fever can u recover from it by using saridon which is meant for headache. If yes then its ok but if no then do KS rituals asap. Further studies, abroad settlement and type of occupation, these are 3 queries as if now I am responding for one i.

Dear U. But now i wnat to read in any science field. Which feild will be suitable for me? How is My future? When Can i get remedy from all my health and financial problem? My date details is: datesep 12 Place: Kathmandu, Nepal Timepm nepali time I will be very pleased and grateful to you if you guide me to right place.

Yours Pukar. What should I say now? You have already enlightened me with so much of guidance. With due respect I would say that I have found a true soul in you who helps without any personal interest therefore, I would be blessed and would feel honoured if you please accept my humble request to become my guruji. If it is so then. Your stars indicates strongly that you will do remarkably good in the field of surgery. A specialization in the field of Cardiology and surgery is indicated.

Your future is good and will get prosperous in the second half of the life i. I can see only minor ailments like : 1 itching,eczema, dermatitis 2 Weakness because of hard labour, thats it,. There are chances of you been getting awarded and foreign travel between 10th March — 15th Jan already running period. Secondly between the period 16th Jan — 03 Aug you should put on green emerald hara panna of 12 ratti approx. This will save you from the evils of Rahu also. Proposition for u to be a businessman are very very tangential and also harmed by instead of getting help from one of the luminaries.

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