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Raman was the first to deliver a lecture, Relevance of Astrology in Modern Times, in at the United Nations, New York, which evoked much interest in diplomatic circles. He asserted that astrology was a science. Raman founded the Indian Council Of Astrological Sciences in to regulate the study and practice of astrology in the country with chapters in Bangalore, Madras, Delhi, Kanpur, Trivandrum, Patna, and other cities. In October , Raman, on a visit to the United States of America to deliver the keynote address at the First International Symposium on Vedic Astrology, held at Dominican College in San Rafael, California , [4] mooted the idea of a national body to organise the study of Indian astrology in the States.

David Frawley , the president of the council from , mentions Raman for his inspiration and guidance. Mallikarjuna Rao , an eminent astrologer from Hyderabad, has translated many of Raman's books into Telugu.

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His legacy is continued by his grandson, Raman Suprajarama , who is the senior editor of The Astrological eMagazine. A list of books on astrology by B. Raman: [7]. By: Dr Prem Kumar Sharma.

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By: Dr Shri Chand Kursija. By: Gayatri Devi Vasudev. Astrology and interest in it have been growing at a pace that does justice to the subject as a discipline of great consequence in handling the complexities and ills of human life and existence.

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The Art of Prediction in Astrology is a simple guide to the techniques of interpretation of the horoscope. This book teaches how to apply and interpret some important planetary combinations and dicta found in classical works to practical cases. By: Ghanshyam Singh Birla.

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By: Jothida Vachaspathy Nanganallur S. Set of 2 vols. How to Judge a Horoscope: Vol. I By: B. Raman in was never acknowledged and answered. She told me that she never received it. In October , when I met Gayatri at Vishakhapatnam in a world astrology conference sponsored by the spiritual guru, Shivananda Murthy garu, an old affection I have for her, she having become something of a very talented niece of mine, was revived.

She was as usual very well mannered, courteous, respectful and dignified. She spoke brilliantly with graphic illustration in the conference.

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She is now editing Modern Astrology, a monthly magazine she said and some strange melancholy crept inside me. It gave opportunity to so many writers to enrich the richest astrological tradition of the world, which is Indian. It gave opportunity to writers like me, new to writing on astrology though I had written enough both in Hindi and English for thirty years before writing for the Astrological Magazine. Once Dr.

Raman wrote to me that he wanted to publish my articles continuously which he did. In Vishakhapatnam, I was moved when the great Madhura Krishnamurthy Shastri, the Sanskrit scholar and great researcher in astrology, paid a rich tribute in Telugu, to Dr. Raman recalling how he had put Indian astrology on the world stage and created so many writers some of whom are famous now nationally and internationally. Raman had written to me a letter that he had decided to entrust the responsibility of the Astrological Magazine to his daughter, Gayatri.

I was not surprised as Gayatri had by then contributed many fine articles to the Astrological Magazine, unlike the other children of Dr. Raman who contributed once in a while and not on astrology. It did not surprise me as she had proven her astrological ability for more than six years by then.

Her name started appearing on the Astrological Magazine since then as joint editor with Dr. Raman remaining as the editor. The further promise Dr. Raman took from me was that I would contribute articles as regularly as I had done till then. I knew that Gayatri was working hard to keep up the excellence of the Astrological Magazine as all the requests for articles through letters and telephone calls came from Gayatri since and never from Dr.

We had heard Dr. Raman speak many times with his slightly indistinct accent speeches which some Indians even could not understand. Many American friends told me that they had found it difficult to understand when Dr. Raman delivered speeches. Raman that his daughter was a better speaker than he was because of a very distinct, clear and reasonably slow tempo of her speaking.

I heard again in San Francisco in in the ACVA conference, now as a more mature and experience astrologer speaking with incisive astrological logic.